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LRIS offers a wide range of seminars designed for any individual involved in public safety labor relations. Each year, more than 1,000 people attend our seminars, including chiefs, representatives of labor organizations, personnel and labor relations specialists, attorneys, and rank-and-file law enforcement officers and firefighters.
LRIS publishes the most comprehensive set of materials on labor and employment issues for law enforcement officers and fire protection personnel, their union representatives, management representatives, and attorneys working in the public safety arena.
Public Safety Labor News
Public Safety Labor News is the leading monthly journal covering law enforcement and firefighter labor relations. Each issue features summaries of recent court decisions, reviews grievance and interest arbitration cases.
Our monthly First Thursday podcast cover the latest and most important labor and employment matters facing public safety employees and employers. LRIS Director Will Aitchison also does occasional interviews of experts on a wide variety of topics of importance to those in public safety.
Contract Database
We've gathered hundreds of law enforcement and fire protection collective bargaining agreements and organized them so they can be viewed by job type, rank, state and jurisdiction population. The start and end dates for each contract are also included so you can see which ones are the most current.
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LRIS and Will Aitchison do not provide any legal advice and users of this Q&A service and the LRIS website should consult with their own lawyer for legal advice .
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